DIY Realtors




I believe you should only pay for the services you want or need.   Many agents offer premium services that aren't required or necessary to get paid a higher commission* 


These extra non-required services include the following:

  1. -Visit your home to discuss your property
  2. -Take Photos of your home for a listing
  3. -Create a website for your property
  4. -Provide texting options to get property info
  5. -Hold open houses 
  6. -Be available 24/7 for anything
  7. -Advertise your property on the MLS
  8. -Advertise your property on other sites 
  9. -Provide a CMA to help you price your property
  10. -Put a sign in your yard
  11. -Put a flyer box in your yard 
  12. -Create marketing materials
  13. -Market your property
  14. -Schedule showings
  15. -Provide a keybox
  16. -Get feedback from buyers agents

I advertise your property on the MLS and other sites for no upfront or additional fee.  You simply pay me a 1% Listing Commission at closing.  Don't pay 3% to a Listing Agent and another 3% to a Buyers Agent.  On a $500k home you would pay $30k which is outrageous.  Instead only pay 3.5% total.  I take 1% for the Listing at closing and the Buyers Agent is paid the remaining 2.5%.  

In addtition choose any or all of services 10-16 from the list above (fees posted on the Extras page).  You have the services you want without overpaying for them. 


I will give you up to 50% of my Buyers Agent Commission (BAC) at closing.    On a $500k home with a 3% BAC you would get $7500 at closing as a Buyers Rebate.  Use the money however you choose including for closing costs.  

**Sellers let potential unrepresented buyers know about the buyer rebate with me, it can be a great incentive for them to purchase. 

* Minimum Service Requirements for Utah Real Estate Agents are found at 

(Utah Code 61-2f-308) and Utah Code 16-2f-401a

I provide all of the minimum service requirements under Utah law